Help us find out what makes a target difficult to catch by playing the dazzle bug game here!

Camouflage allows objects to blend into the zebra3background, making them difficult to detect or recognise. Camouflage has been studied for many years, and we now know a lot about how animals can use colours and patterns to hide from predators. However, we know much less about how animals can protect themselves from predators when they are moving. Animals must move to live, in order to find snake3food, shelter and mates, and they are particularly vulnerable to the attention of predators when they do so. We are interested to know whether animals may have evolved patterns that can help them to survive during movement.

Interested? Click here to play the dazzle bug game.

Please note: there are some known issues with playing the game on recent versions of Safari. We are working on solving this, but if possible, please use another browser to try to catch the dazzle bug!



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